Friday, January 30, 2015

Turning Up the Pressure on the Imitators

The terms “safe roof cleaning” and “soft wash” are widely misused in the Roof Cleaning industry. Pressure Washing has been proven to damage shingle roofs by loosening the aggregate that holds the shingle to the roof’s membrane. True SoftWash™ companies use a patented 12 volt spray system from SoftWash Systems that delivers a patented Greenwash surfactant that has been in the marketplace for over 20 years and the employees that apply the product receive hours of classroom training.

Traditional pressure washers have adapted systems to mimic the SoftWash Systems in order to save money and bypass the education process, and they use gels and soaps to resemble the Greenwash surfactant used in SoftWashing. Turning down the pressure on a pressure washer in the presence of a homeowner does not constitute a SoftWashing and gas motors simply pollute the environment and help shoot bleach faster and further. SoftWash customers enjoy the benefits of a true non-pressure cleaning, longer warranties, and an overall better roof and exterior cleaning experience.

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